“Thanks to the Master I now count with the necessary tools, knowledge and international friends and connections to start growing in my career on the humanitarian development sector.”

Melissa Miyashiro Terashima, Peru
Alumna MDfD3, I level

“The Master Design for Development was really the first step for my growing career and it really made me understand what I really want to make with my life, with my career, with my work and with my path and it was the first opportunity to me to follow my dreams.”

Giulia Ciusani, Italy
Alumna MDfD1, II level

“The Master helped me to develop international connections, linkages and collaborations, which have already helped me a lot and I’m very sure and hopeful that it is going to help me a lot professionally in the future as well.”

Mehreen Mustafa, Pakistan
Alumna MDfD1, I level

“The Master contributed to my personal and professional development and it opened up to me different opportunities to work on projects in the development sector, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Carla Procida, Italy
Alumna MDfD1, II level

“I would recommend this Master to everyone that is interested in continuing his path in international cooperation, because the holistic approach of this Master provides a wide range of future careers in the field, including urban planning, architecture and heritage.”

Enea Serjani, Albania
Alumnus MDfD1, II level

“Thanks to this Master, now I’m working as an architect in Santiago de Chile, where I’m developing some housing projects for peripheral districts of the region.”

Fabrizio Bancalari, Italy
Alumnus MDfD1, II level